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General Sale Conditions


1) The goods travel at the risk and danger of the buyer even if sold “frankly destiny”.

2) We do not accept complaints of any nature that has elapsed 8 days from the date of delivery. The complaint for defects in the goods must be made in writing and directly to “Adele Rufo Embroidery Design”. The vendor, acknowledging the buyer’s right, is obliged to replace the defect, but not to compensate for any damages.

3) Printing plants remain the property of ‘Design Embroidery by Adele Rufo’ even if the buyer compares in shopping.

4) Payments are always meant to comply with the methods provided by www.designricamo.com. Payments made unforeseen at the time of purchase are not valid on www.designricamo.com. The merchandise will only be processed upon accreditation of the exact value of the order.

5) Shipment times are estimated according to the complexity and amount of work and may vary from 5 to 10 working days, considering the reception times at Adele Rufo ‘s Design of Neutral Goods and the times of customization of the goods, All consecutively as expressed in ‘4’.

6) “Adele Rufo Embroidery Design” reserves the right to execute orders.

7) Such commission will be understood as a binding contract.